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Serving the Southeastern United States, BlueGreen provides:

Service, Rentals, and Sales using the Farrow System, cleaning virtually any coating, from any surface! Read more...



BlueGreen Technologies LLC is dedicated to the promotion of service, rentals, and sales using The Farrow System throughout the Southeastern United States. BlueGreen Technologies LLC will provide the most advanced, versatile, and safe system for the removal of a surface coatings, from a variety of surfaces that can be used in any industry. BlueGreen prides itself in providing quality products and services using the Farrow System for all of its customers. This applies to all our customers, whether they are a single operator, or an international company.

You won’t believe it until you see it

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"Because of the accuracy, speed and cleanliness of the system, there is little or no disturbance to adjacent buildings, equipment or to the general public. Project start to finish times are cut in half and the Farrow System® combined with Farrow Green Clean™ uses 50% less media than conventional sand blasters."