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Welcome to BlueGreen!

Serving Central & North Florida, BlueGreen Technologies is your authorized Farrow Systems Distributor. BlueGreen provides:

Service, Rentals, Sales and Service for the Farrow System, cleaning virtually any coating, from any surface! Read more...



Airline coating Removal & Maintenance.

Easily Removes All Types of Paint, while leaving the substrate profiled for paint, and unlike other "high pressure" cleaning methods, will not warp metals via heat transfer of the cleaning media.


Varnishes, glues and other diffucult to remove coatings, are simply brushed away layer by layer, in a fraction of the time it takes current removal tequniques.



"Because of the accuracy, speed and cleanliness of the system, there is little or no disturbance to adjacent buildings, equipment or to the general public. Project start to finish times are cut in half and the Farrow System® combined with Farrow Green Clean™ uses 50% less media than conventional sand blasters."