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Serving the Southeastern United States, BlueGreen provides:

Service, Rentals, and Sales using the Farrow System, cleaning virtually any coating, from any surface! Read more...


Many major cities around the world are using the Farrow System® because there is no pollution or contaminates emitted with our cleaning process. Where complete containment of cleaning residuals is required in an environmentally sensitive setting, our organic Green Clean™ media safely confines waste particles and greatly reduces clean up costs.


The Farrow System® offers the safest, fastest and most environmentally friendly graffiti removal solution in the world. It effortlessly removes graffiti paint from virtually any surface in seconds without the use of chemicals or contamination. The Farrow System® does not harm protective coatings on brick or the mortar between blocks when used properly. The Farrow System® also removes paint from highway and road signs while acting as a proven deterrent against future graffiti ‘tags’.


Removing barnacles, bottom paint, anti-foul paint and varnishes from boat and ship surfaces can be a time consuming and tedious job. Projects that used to take up to a week can now be accomplished in under one day. The Farrow System® is your safe, fast and cost efficient remedy for cleaning fiberglass, plastic, steel, teak decking and numerous other marine surfaces.


The Farrow System’s® versatility enables it to be your complete restoration solution. Whether you are removing decades of grime from historic brick fascias or wax and stain from oak floors and doors, our patented technology gently uncovers the hidden beauty in every restoration project – outdoors or indoors. 




Removal of virtually an coating, from any surface.




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