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Welcome to BlueGreen!

Serving the Southeastern United States, BlueGreen provides:

Service, Rentals, and Sales using the Farrow System, cleaning virtually any coating, from any surface! Read more...



The Farrow System® cleaning method uses low pressurized air combined with an environmentally friendly Farrow Green Clean™ media and heated water to remove a wide variety of surface coatings. Some of the primary features and benefits are:


The Farrow System® is environmentally friendly and doesn’t use any chemicals or chemical by-products. Our Farrow Green Clean™ cleaning media is non-toxic which means that after use, it can be disposed of easily and properly. Dust levels are suppressed within the vaporized elements of Farrow Green Clean™ , therefore allowing this extremely low-pressure cleaning method to be used safely outdoors, within populated urban areas and even in enclosed environments.

"Because of the accuracy, speed and cleanliness of the system, there is little or no disturbance to adjacent buildings, equipment or to the general public. Project start to finish times are cut in half and the Farrow System® combined with Farrow Green Clean™ uses 50% less media than conventional sand blasters."


The Farrow System® is a unique low pressure cleaning method using only environmentally friendly media and by introducing heat in to the process, achieves maximum performance at minimum pressure, cleaning any surface without damaging it.