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Welcome to BlueGreen!

Serving Central & North Florida, BlueGreen Technologies is your authorized Farrow Systems Distributor. BlueGreen provides:

Service, Rentals, Sales and Service for the Farrow System, cleaning virtually any coating, from any surface! Read more...



Time savings using this method mean that, from the point of view of the company, equipment is not lying idle. In addition, companies tendering on such refurbishment work can be extremely competitive by utilising The Farrow System.

Workplace Health and Safety Officers love this system. The risk associated with grit blasters or high pressure water jets are gone. The Farrow System can be operated safely in closed environments and in close proximity to other personnel.




Companies can now restore heavy machinery without the need to strip the equipment down prior to blasting. Painted components can be either stripped back to bare metal, or given a light blast in preparation for recoating, without removing hydraulic hoses and other componentry. A full strip down of the equipment is no longer required offering an economical alternative to the complete re-build.