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Welcome to BlueGreen!

Serving the Southeastern United States, BlueGreen provides:

Service, Rentals, and Sales using the Farrow System, cleaning virtually any coating, from any surface! Read more...


"Scientific tests have shown that the heat incorporated with the Farrow System enhances the speed and precision of the cleaning process. The Farrow System can be used inside or outside with minimal disturbances to surrounding areas."



The Farrow System is the next technology in cleaning and coating removal for the 21st century.

The most advanced, safe and environmentally friendly coating removal system on the market today:

Low Pressure

With a blasting pressure of 40 – 60 psi, there is no longer the need for protective clothing. Eye and ear protection is all you need. Our users don’t have to worry about losing feet or fingers. Removal of 95% of air born particles – Farrow uses a mixture of water and volcanic media in a slurry based system, eliminating 95% of all air born particles from the blast operation. The use of a wet based system also eliminates problems of clogging due to moisture. The Farrow can be operated during high humidity, rain, and even underwater.

No dust means no tenting

With limited concern of air particulates there is no longer any need for tenting or blast rooms. Simply place a tarp under the item to be cleaned in order to catch the material falling off. The Farrow System uses less than 2 quarts of water per minute so most of the water evaporates before clean up. There is minimal concern for run off.

Environmentally safe media

The Farrow System incorporates a volcanic crystal proprietary to its system, which when used correctly is safe for the environment and user. It eliminates concern if it is exposed to the local ground or water. Less mess, less clean up The Farrow System uses on average about 90 lbs of media per hour. Compared to traditional sand blasting at 2000 lbs and hour, clean up can be completed in a fraction of the time.


The fact that the Farrow System uses extremely low pressure; it can gently clean many surfaces such as fiberglass, aluminum, wood and other soft surfaces in a way that has never been used before. It also has the unique ability to blast over hydraulic lines and rubber gaskets without damage during the cleaning and removal process.